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Leave that last window open, and off to one side. Do the same for mindstormengunivret. The problem with the normal install is that it also tries to install an older version of Flash Player. Just follow the above steps and enjoy! You must be logged in to post a comment.

Here is one way to do this, courtesy of Ethan Danahy of Tufts University: The following two tabs change content below. The limit is just our imagination, so there is no limit at all The first thing I would make is something to surprise my girlfriend. She's a real fan of Mindstorms. She wants one of her own but she hasn't enough time to really use and enjoy it to the fullest. With my new Lego I would build my dream cat, With a helicopter pad, a bar and a spa, If I can master the art, Of no giving up by pulling it apart!

Whatever my kids want to help build. I would build a crazy contraption that will follow me around and hold all of my snacks and drinks. I could do it. They shrunk to fit certain sizes in the original cartoon: This set is so awesome. I can just see the way my son's face would light up.

It would take him hours to build this but I can just hear how excited he would be to build this.

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With our first build we would probably make a racecar since he wasn't to be a racecar driver when he grows up. But he will also have to definitely share it with his sister. She'll want to make a princess. We shall see if it's possible. Thank you so kindly for an awesome Giveaway. If I won I would give it to my older 3 boys so they could make whatever they wanted with it I would make the robot and then see what other things i can build with the robot and all my other legos.

I would give it to my son!


My son so very happy when I give it to him! Loved your review, the video and definitely concur on the inside packaging Would love to surprise my Lego-fanatic son Krish if I win this set! There's so many things one can do with this, i will probably make a robot that shall perform some basic task: If I won this I'd make a robot to do my business statistics homework Remember the robot from the film iRobot, I would make a Robot that draws!!

It would not be a fast machine but a nice little crawler that can be controlled through a phone maybe Then a tank to make the dogs freak out. I would "make" my son make a super cool robot! I would love my sons to have an opportunity to try this! That would be super awesome! Like having my very own butler. I will make it the security robot which running around and monitor my apartment when I am away from house. Cool idea!! I would give it to my son he loves lego he would know what to make and it might get him of minecraft for awhile. I don't think the "buy" recommendation is warranted, since Lego has announced the NXT 3.

My kids 8 and 6 are chomping at the bit for the new one, which will allegedly allow you to control your robot with an iPhone app and doubtless include other wonderful things. At the very least, the NXT 2. But still, I'd like to win one! I would teach my son how to program and make robots. I don't know This kit would be great for my son and me to create together. He has had a lot of fun building with Lego blocks and has also done some programming with a software called RoboMind.

If we were to win this, I think we would work together on the Getting Started Robot, then move on to other projects which follow my son's interests. Only if it isn't dangerous, of course. And then let my husband play with it XD. Make us of is doing an amazing deed by hosting such a give away. It is the best product for any robotics fanatic. If i get it ill be making a robot capable of climbing walls.

I would sit down with my 5 year old granddaughter and build something really cool with her, probably to terrorize her mother or grandmother ;-. I'd use it as a opportunity to teach my son how to program in a really fun way we can both enjoy. D like an allarm. I believe that the LegoStorm is still one of the accepted robotics kits that can be used to fulfill the requirements for the Boy Scouts Robotics Merit Badge.

Or whatever it could do.. I would make something cool: P Out of the box you know: D Like a transformer Dont know if its possible!! Well, I admit that I'd probably just play around with it until I created something that I could terrorize the house cats with. If i'd win this one, i'd make something that monitors my desk and shoots things at everything that comes too close. I would give it to my bro who is a boss at EA games and would absolutely love this for himself and his girlfriend and his daughter, they BIG fans: This review is a little late.

The NXT came out in and the 2. The next generation of Lego Mindstorms, EV3, is due to be released this year. I'd open the box and let the 5 year old Lego nut who would be the ultimate recipient of said prize determine what gets built - if prior projects are any indicator, it would have something to do with either NASA, the Enterprise or Millenium Falcon. It's awesome that they are giving away one of these sets, but I can't help but notice that the set being reviewed above is the NXT kit that came out several years ago, not the new one slated for an upcoming release.

Either way, I'd use the kit in combination with the one I bought previously to build battle robots with my son. And then watching the amazing stuff that results. If I won this, I would win "Father of the Century" from my boy- who happens to be turning 11 in two weeks.

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He's a big Lego nut- and has just started learning to program using Scratch. He would be all over this- and, in fact, has begged me to buy him one of these. Our public library has classes every two months or so using these and he is all over that! And the way I figure it, I have stepped on enough Legos in the past decade to justify my winning of this awesome prize! Kind of easy to make!

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  • I would get my kids to choose what to make, they have great imaginations! My sons would try to build a robot! A wicked looking robot death machine Robot Like Transformers: I'm not sure what would be the first thing built as I would be gifting this to my grandsons. Watch my grandson make something amazing, he loves Lego's, yes.

    A robot to sort laundry: My nephew would make the robot. This is very cool. Would love to build it. To assemble it and create a running robot: I'd give it to my son and see what his evil genius creates. Scare amany kitty Cats as iCan. Don't know what I'd build first, but it'll be epic. The first thing I'd make is a space rover. Good luck to all. Give it to my son and be the coolest mom ever!

    I don't know! I'd leave that up to my son and his daddy! I used to love playing with the old lego robots in middle school!! A robot that sweeps the floor. Parts can be ordered separately. In the original kit, the sensors included are the color sensor, two touch sensors, and an ultrasonic sensor:. In order to create larger, more complex programs, programming software on a PC is required. The standard programming software is NXT-G, which is included in the package.

    Third-party programming software is also available, some of which is listed below:. NXT-G is the programming software included in the standard base kit. It features an interactive drag-and-drop environment. Version 1. Since its release, several bugs have been found and new sensors have been created. While the toolkit does allow for the creation of new sensors, National Instruments has yet to formally release an update. It requires nxtOSEK to run. RoboMind is an educational programming environment that offers a concise scripting language for programming a simulated robot.

    These internationalized scripts can, however, also directly be exported to Lego Mindstorms robots. It also has a component architecture UObject for distributed computation. Uses NXT-G and. Unlike the other languages for the NXT the code isn't compiled to a binary file. This method of execution is significantly slower than executing compiled code directly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Mindstorm disambiguation. This article may contain too much repetition or redundant language.

    Please help improve it by merging similar text or removing repeated statements. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Further information: Lego portal Robotics portal. Las Vegas, NV: The Lego Group. January 4, Retrieved Mindstorms Website. LEGO Group.

    Lego Education Website. Lego Group. Archived from the original on 6 October Sample Project on coding4fun.