Nat error no route to host mac

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NAT problem - VuzeWiki

For instance, one of these websites is that the computer is unable to connect to is farmville. Now the interesting part is that I on another computer running Ubuntu Which tells me that it's not the internet connection. I've also disabled the firewall on the router to no avail. I'm guessing it's not related to ICMP being blocked. If that was the case, the response would simply timeout, not result in a "no route to host" message.

Wrong Port

If there is no default gateway, or the gateway has no information in its routing table to forward the packets, you'll see "no route to host. Both your ping and traceroute commands are resolving the domain name to an IP address albeit different addresses , so it appears that the DNS resolution is probably working okay.

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Check that you only have one connected if you happen to be using both and see if it works. ICMP may be blocked somewhere not your firewall though since you disabled that , which some ISPs still do for a variety of reasons e.

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Try running traceroute and ping operations from other sites to see if it works. I tried to ping the first IP address from the Shaw.

How to Port forward With a TP-Link Router

CA network, and I got reasonably quick replies. Can you traceroute Check your configuration to ensure you listen to http port Tero Kilkanen Tero Kilkanen 1, 6 9.

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  4. Indeed, there is no process listening to port 80! The Apache server listens on port But why is this?

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    Thanks to netstat, we found out that this was really a configuration problem in Apache. With port 80 as the context, one of the following things is likely the reason: Nothing is listening on Daniel B Daniel B 34k 7 63 This command did the trick for me: Sanjeev Gopinath Sanjeev Gopinath 11 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

    Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. The service itself might not have been started. To do that with Systemd, run the following command.

    How to Fix “No Route to Host” Connection Error in Linux

    You may be trying to connect on the incorrect port. Many system administrators choose to run commonly targeted services like SSH on different ports to help thwart would-be attackers. For your own server, you can try using NMAP to figure out where you started your service. If you think you used a really obscure port, you can use the -p- flag to scan them all. It will take a while though. You may have accidentally configured iptables to block connections on that port. To see your iptables rules, run the following command. Systemd users can run systemd-resolve --status to check the DNS servers that your system is using.