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The bottom half is devoted to any speaker notes you typed into PowerPoint. Outline View: A text-only version of the presentation, structured as an outline, with the slide titles as the top-level outline items. Multiple slides per page two to nine, depending on your choice of settings , suitable for giving to the audience to take home. Different numbers of slides per page have different layouts.

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For example, if you choose three slides per page, the layout has lines next to each slide so the audience can take notes. You may want to customize the Handout Master before you print. If you see a message about edits being lost when saved to the server, click Check Out. Open the Slides Per Page drop-down list and select the layout you want to modify.

PowerPoint 2016 Mac print multiple slides per page

Select "Portrait" to format the handout vertically or "Landscape" to format it horizontally. Select the box next to each item you want to include in the Page Elements section. Options include adding a header, footer, date and page number to the handout. Clear the box next to any selected options you don't want to use. Select an option for the number of slides per page in the Slide Per Page group in the Ribbon.

You can place two, three, four, six or nine slides on one page.

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If you want PowerPoint to show notes along with the slides, use three slides per page. Alternatively, click "Outline" if you want to print a text-only outline of the content on your slides. Click "Close" in the Master View group after finishing your handout. Click the "File" menu and select "Print" when you're ready to print the handout. Click the "Print What" drop-down list and select the option that describes the number of slides to appear on each page. That means that not only will NO graphics, charts or pictures show up in your printed document, any text added to your slide outside of the placeholders set on your PowerPoint Slide Master, will also NOT show up in the printed document.

Pushing your outline into Microsoft Word like this allows you to customize and edit the outline before you print it. In 4 quick how-to videos , discover how to save 40 hours of heartache and frustration, using 4 hidden PowerPoint features that no one is teaching. Sign up for free below. We collect and protect your information in accordance to our Privacy Policy. The Ultimate Guide. A quick side note before you print your slides with your speaker notes… If you are distributing your slides with or without speaker notes to other people, I HIGHLY recommend customizing your slide handouts first with your company information on the Handout Master before printing them.

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  • For help with this, see customizing your handouts in the Note Master below. Print PowerPoint with notes the basics. To print your notes in PowerPoint with a single slide thumbnail image per slide: This not only makes your handouts look more professional, it makes it easy for prospective clients to get in contact with you. For help customizing your notes in PowerPoint, read on or watch the video above.

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    Customize your handouts in the Notes Master. To customize your handouts with your own contact information, simply: Print notes in PowerPoint multiple slides per page. To use the Create Handouts command, simply: Print PowerPoint notes only. How to print your notes only step by step. To print your PowerPoint notes only, simply: Once your notes are in this format, there are a lot of interesting customizations you can quickly pull off including: Deleting the thumbnail image column Resizing the column widths Pasting your slide title names in from the Outline View in PowerPoint Customize your handouts with your contact information To see how to get to the result pictured below, see the video above.

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    Print PowerPoint with comments. To print your PowerPoint slides with comments: