Excel 2010 mac pivot chart

For better understanding, we will use an excel worksheet filled with simple sample data, with four columns; Software, Sales, Platform and Month as shown in screenshot below.

How to create a Pivot Table on Excel for Mac

To start out with making pivot table, make sure that all rows and columns are selected and record row must not be obscure or elusive and must be making sense. Navigate to Insert tab, click PivotTable. You will reach Create Pivot Table dialog box. Excel fills in data range from first to last selected columns and rows. You can also specify any external data source to be used. Finally choose worksheet to save the pivot table report.

Click OK to proceed further.

Create a PivotChart - Office Support

Pivot table will appear. Now we will populate this table with data fields which is being present at the right side of the Excel window. Excel has changed the way you insert pivot table when compared with Excel where dragging and dropping did the trick. We start off with enabling Platform field, and then other fields.

How to show or hide field buttons in pivot chart in Excel?

Excel start filling cells in a sequence you want to populate. The Platform field will come first in the Pivot Table as shown in screen shot.

For Instance: In order to summarize data by showing Month field first and then other fields. Enable Month field first and then other fields. For more filtering options, click on Row Labels drop-down button, you will see different options available to filter down and summarize it in more better way.

As these buttons take space and make the global layout messy, some users may want to hide them. This article will show you the way to show or hide field buttons in a Pivot Chart in Excel easily. Show or hide field buttons in pivot chart in Excel. Full Feature Free Trial day! Office Tab: Kutools for Excel: Step 1: Step 2: Under the Analyze tab, click the field Buttons to hide all field buttons from selected Pivot Chart. Get back to the Pivot Chart, you will see all field buttons or specific kind of field buttons are hidden or shown from the Pivot Chart.

In Excel , field buttons are not added into Pivot Chart, and users can't add and show field buttons into Pivot Chart too. Increase your productivity in 5 minutes.

How to Create Pivot Charts in Excel 2016

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