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Don't bother with this. It's ancient, doesn't work on bit Macs, and Teredo is a very poor choice for IPv6 tunneling anyway. Vicente Vicente 1. Click the "Create Tunnel" button on the bottom of the form.

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Hurricane Electric Regular Tunnel Creation View your tunnel details You will need to take note of a few items that will be used when configuring your local router: You can then break into smaller network prefixes for use on multiple links in your local network. This interface is typically a dual-stack interface, meaning it will support both IPv4 and IPv6 clients.

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This is important to allow clients to continue to use IPv4 to access services which are not yet available over IPv6. Even if your tunnel supports a higher MTU than the minimum bytes, such as bytes, you may run into situations where some IPv6 Internet resources still require a smaller MTU because tunneling occurs elsewhere along the route.

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Ping from your WAN interface across the tunnel. This will verify IPv6 reachability across the tunnel between the two tunnel endpoints.

This will verify that a client is properly receiving an IPv6 address from your router. Embedded in the RA is information about the network prefixes configured for the link, whether or not clients should use auto-configuration SLAAC to obtain an address, and the other-config-flag related to stateless DHCPv6 for DNS and domain suffix assignment.

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Most modern clients will auto-configure two global IPv6 addresses: But by looking at the domain names, I can tell you that my packets are travelling from my computer in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, through Switzerland switch. You can see that this extra round trip to Europe is far from optimal.

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  • And for me, somewhere in between my computer and my server, I get duplicate packets. Ideally, in the future, ISPs will provide 6to4 routers for their customers. Unfortunately, today, there are only a few worldwide.

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    You might be able to improve your connectivity by directing your traffic to a specific router, instead of letting the network carry your traffic to a public router. To do that, find a public 6to4 router , then use the Network control panel to change the router.

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    • I'm using Microsoft's router, and it seems to work a bit better than letting my data go to Europe and back. Unfortunately, the current version of Safari prefers IPv4 addresses, since IPv6 sites are frequently broken. However, you can force Safari to prefer IPv6 addresses for testing.