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That should be found in the Admin page. Ok, depending on the modem that you have, on the back or the bottom will be the name of the network SSIDs and the passphrases. Use your macbook to look for either the 2. Then you can log into the modem using the same method. Once you are logged in you can change the modem password and set up new network names and passphrases for the wifi networks. Once you have saved the names and passphrases you will have to reconnect with the modem. I'm making an assumption that you have one of the CGN3 varient modems which broadcast the wifi networks due to the default settings when you start it up for the first time.

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You will see the 2. For the Ciscso , you might have to call tech support to help set it up as I'm not sure if the wifi is active as a default setting. I would personally never setup the modem using wifi only, however, more and more laptops are being built without ethernet ports. I keep a couple USB 3. Looks like this:.

Solved: Need help setting up new modem - Rogers Community

Need help setting up new modem Need Help? That's what we're here for! Enter in the username and password, this will get you into the setup for it, where the wireless settings can be changed, enabled, security set up, etc. The techs that come out and set them up, really dont do the computer end. But if you give rogers a call on the phone, they should be able to help walk you through stuff.

2. Log into your modem.

After searching for about an hour, I finally found an answer that actually made sense. I recently upgraded my internet service to ignite All devices connecting without issue and getting great speeds up and down. With one exception: It connects to the wifi network, but no internet. Wireless diagnostics reveal that the connection fails at "Internet" and "server".

All of "wifi, wifi settings, network settings, and ISP" are green. I've rebooted the Hitron several times; sometimes the iMac succeeds in connecting after reboot, but then the "Internet" and "server" items go red again after a few minutes.

Are you able to plug the mac into the modem via ethernet, and if so, does it access the internet as it should? Doing that test would confirm if this is a wifi issue or a problem connecting to the modem no matter what connection type is used. Also, what was replaced when you upgraded your Internet service? Did you get a new Rogers gateway? Are you using bridge mode? Wireless router and Mac setup Need Help?

Understanding Wi-Fi

Modem set-up: And how the right smartphone can help you take full advantage of premium, next-generation wireless service. Some things just make sense when you pair them up — like bundling internet to your Rogers wireless services.

How to Setup your Modem & Wi-Fi

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