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However, if there is no noticeable performance boost, it would be a good idea to enable DNS Prefetching and rather troubleshoot other areas. Data collection on the internet is a scary thing. From clearing of browser history to the removal of cache and cookies and a whole lot more, follow these easy methods. Cookies by themselves are not actively intrusive on your privacy; however, they store data in ways that can be used for user profiling and website tracking among other things.

How to fix website connection error - Google Chrome - MAC

While cookies make the browsing experience faster, and the web experience more dynamic, some users may have privacy concerns. Similarly, autofill forms can be quite scary. To clean away all of your Safari tracks, from cookies to browsing history and even autofill, you can turn to CleanMyMac X. Once launched, simply click on the Privacy tab and select Safari. Now you can easily choose what browsing data to delete from your system, all from one convenient window. Whether you want greater search privacy or just to try something new, change your default search engine by following these easy steps:.

Safari extensions are developed to enhance your browsing experience, but they can sometimes have the opposite effect. In a worst case scenario, they can even contain nasty malware.

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To get a sense of the problem, trying launching Safari in safe mode launch while holding shift. This will load Safari without any extensions and plugins. Does your experience improve? Note - The best practice is to turn them all off and then turn each one on, one at a time, to see if you can identify the culprit. For a clearer view and more control over your Safari extensions, install and launch CleanMyMac X and follow these steps:.

Flash is a browser plugin, but because it is often the cause of problems, we decided that it deserves its own section. Flash is pretty but high maintenance and it chows your browser and system resources. Hopefully Safari is now working as it should. None of these are going to be too far off your radar. One has become one of the most popular browsers on the web.

How to Fix Google Chrome Problems on Mac

Another is an open source mainstay that broke open the door for alternative web browsers. This is the short list that even power users go to when looking for a new browser. It is growing far beyond almost any other browser. Is it a browser, or an OS? The answer is a little bit of both. It is one of the most extensible browsers you can use. You can get everything from password safes to full on text editors that all live right in your browser.

This power all comes at a cost. Chrome can chew up a ton of battery life with only a few browser tabs. If you are looking to extend your battery life, this is not the best choice. One of the most unsung parts of Chrome is the built-in web developer tools. If you are messing around with JavaScript, you have a full-on console to experiment in. Firefox is not dead, but it was touch and go for a few years there. There was a persistent idea that it was slow. Here's why you might prefer Mozilla Firefox.

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Read More driven by quick updates. Performance improved by clearing out old extensions that might hurt performance.

Less Common and Specialty Browsers

Firefox is not the same as Chrome. You will not find an array of apps that turn your browser into an OS. You do find an excellent array of extensions that make your browser more powerful. If you are weary of the resources Chrome consumes on your system, Firefox is worth a new look. Opera is the vinyl record of web browsers. Its fans are deep and devoted, but a little outside of the mainstream.

Opera was never the dominant browser on the web. Yet it was usually first to market with features that are now standards in other web browsers. After a decade of putting Opera on everything with a CPU, the browser has a renewed focus on the desktop. The newest version has some interesting features.

Fix Many Common Safari Issues in Mac OS X with a Simple Reset

The first is that there is an Opera-branded free VPN you can add as an extension. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are standard, but you can add others as extensions. Opera is a great browser if you like features. Beyond its built-in ecosystem, there is an extension that allows installing Chrome Extensions.

It is a solid browser, fixing many of the issues that plague Chrome. There's only one reason to pick one over another: And you might prefer Opera, too. Read More. Vivaldi is meant to be a reboot of Opera, stripping everything down to a bare-bones browser. That bare-bones approach to the browser is not to say that Vivaldi is generic. You can move the tab bar to any side of the window. There are many color themes you can use, which can change based on the time of day.

You can even adjust the browser theme based on your Hue light bulb settings really life-changing stuff. Vivaldi has built-in compatibility with Chrome plugins. Web history has in-depth analysis, allowing you to do a deep dive on your browsing habits.

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  • You can take notes that include screenshots and attachments. Vivaldi has a good balance of features without getting in the way.

    Fix Many Common Safari Issues in Mac OS X with a Simple Reset

    Here are nine compelling reasons to try it out. These browsers range from overlooked to specialized. A few of these are off the beaten path. So, sometimes the only solution to an Internet outage is to wait for it to be fixed. But if the problem lies beyond your local network, your ISP should at least be able to tell you the nature of the problem and an expected repair time.

    Configuring your Mac's network settings. Mac troubleshooting: What to do when your computer is too slow. The DNS vulnerability: What you should know and do. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. Use Network Diagnostics Certain types of network problems may cause your browser to display a Network Diagnostics button. The Network Diagnostics utility built into OS X can track down, and sometimes repair, network connection problems.