Mac os x 10.6.8 trim support

Mac OS X 10.6 to Get SSD TRIM Support? New MacBook Pro Suggest Yes

User reports in the MacRumors forums and the Steam forums similarly point to significant improvements in graphics performance under real-world conditions. A number of users has actually reported significant declines in graphics performance with Mac OS X Update 2: Top Rated Comments View all.

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  • Apple adds TRIM support, graphics improvements in Mac OS X 10.6.8.
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  • Apple brings TRIM support to all SSD-based Macs in Mac OS X 10.6.8;
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It wouldn't be difficult for Apple to do the same. There's no need for Apple to write firmware or drivers for anyone in order to support it. Apple has just decided not to enable it on other drives for political reasons. There's no technical reason.

Apple's toshiba rebranded drives are a joke. What is their excuse for not supporting other drives?

macbook pro 1,1 TRIM utility - Apple Community

If you delete it from the trash then you probably don't need it at all or you should have thought better No offense, but you're putting a lot of words into his mouth. He just asked if it made deleted files unrecoverable more quickly. For all we know, he might consider that a GOOD thing.

Enable TRIM Support in Mac OS X

I know I do. Did anyone try the trim enabler application on Sandforce cannot do TRIM in the controller. It can run proactive garbage collection in the background to help ensure an adequate pool of erased pages. This keeps performance high as long as the SSD has a big pool of "invisible" pages - but it also causes unnecessary wear on the drive as the garbage collection will copy unused data while garbage collecting.

It has nothing to do with "Apple writing firmware".

Mac OS X 10.6.8 Brings TRIM Support for SSDs

While the performance of Sandforce drives holds up better than earlier drives, TRIM will help them last longer. Can you name any drives with 2 year MTBF? Licensing has nothing to do with it - Windows is simply accepting the device's claim that it supports TRIM. Does this mean that deleted files will be rendered unrecoverable fairly quickly? Yes, before you've even moved you hand away from the [OK] button. If "delete" moves the files to a "trash" directory or "recycle bin" - there's no difference from a system without TRIM. If "delete", however, actually "permanently deletes" the file - with TRIM it will be extremely unlikely that it is recoverable by any "find deleted files" utility.

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Those utilities usually work on the assumption that the file system meta-data for the file is marked "deleted", but in fact the rest of the meta-data and the actual file data is still intact. These "deleted" entries will in fact be correct until the meta-data record or the actual file data is overwritten with a new file.

If you run the "find deleted files" utility, it looks for meta-data records marked "deleted" - and will try to recover the file. With TRIM, however, a command is sent to the solid state drive to notify it that the file data is free. The drive will add those sectors to a background task that erases free space and puts in on the available list. March 5, at 9: Fredco says: March 6, at March 6, at 3: Jameson says: March 6, at 1: David says: May 18, at 3: OS X Latest MacBook Pros suggest it will.

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