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LastPass makes password memory recall and tedious password resets a thing of the past. The password manager safely stores user data with AES bit encryption and automatically fills login info on sites around the web.

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LastPass can also generate passwords for sites, giving users the freedom and flexibility to maintain a master password for the LastPass service without having to create unique passwords for every site they use. Adblock Plus has a legion of fans and users who herald its ability to block annoying ads from showing up in your browser. The Adblock Plus extension for Safari can also be customized to allow unobtrusive ads, blocking only those that get in the way when surfing. According to the makers of Adblock Plus, the open-source extension is currently active on more than million devices, blocking banner ads, video ads, pop-ups and other junk advertising.

Adblock Plus removes annoying ads of all types and is actively used on more than million devices today. Shut Up is the kind of tool that would be nice not to need, but the web can be a cruel and hateful place.

Shut Up is a free Safari extension that simply blocks all comments from appearing in your browser. Users can toggle the feature off any time they want to step into the darkness and remember how quickly online conversations can devolve.

How to Create a Web Clip (Safari Only)

Comments can turn an enjoyable browsing session into a deeply painful and discouraging experience. Shut Up puts an end to that by hiding all comments by default. Current Job Listings. Productivity extensions Pinterest browser button The Pinterest browser button is a visual bookmarking tool that helps users save links or images from anywhere around the web.

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Pocket Pocket is one of the most popular and feature-packed bookmarking tools online. Evernote Web Clipper The Evernote Web Clipper extension brings one of the most popular web-clipping and note-taking apps in the cloud directly to Safari. Double-clicking the. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. I use Google Chrome for Mac as my default browser.

Can I do the same drag from its address bar to the desktop or is this unique to Safari?

Web Clips – A Hidden, But Useful, OS X Feature

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. So it's a try it and see kind of answer. Tuttle Tuttle. FrontRow Speciality level out of ten: Bonus tip: If you drag the favicon directly to the Dock, you can open the url in one click. No different from Windows. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: When you drag the URL to the desktop, does Voiceover read the icon? Radu Parvu Radu Parvu. With the advent of macOS Mojave , the Dashboard and all of those productive widgets are gone. Such is the penalty paid for progress.

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Or is it? Now, having Dashboard disabled by default may be an indication of what is in store for Dashboard down the road. And if rumors are to be believed, some iOS apps, beyond those included with Mojave , may in the future make the jump to macOS. In that case, the Dashboard environment may just not make a lot of sense anymore. Use the Mission Control preference pane to enable Dashboard, as well as to select what mode it will operate in. Launch System Preferences by clicking or tapping its icon in the Dock, or selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Pressing the F12 key will either display the Dashboard as a space that slides into place, replacing the current desktop or other active space, or as an overlay on top of the current desktop. In the Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts section, you can assign keystrokes or mouse buttons to perform specific tasks. Look for the Show Dashboard text. Next to the text are two dropdown menus; the first can be used to assign any of the function keys, F1 through F19 your keyboard may not have all 19 function keys.

You can also use the Shift, Control, or Command keys in combination with the function keys to create up to 57 possible key combinations to access the Dashboard. If you would prefer to use your mouse, the second dropdown menu to the right allows you to select from up to seven different mouse buttons to use to access the Dashboard environment.

Hot Corners allows you to access the Dashboard by moving the cursor into the designated corner. Hot Corners are another way to access the Dashboard. With this method, simply moving the cursor to one of the corners of your display can cause the Dashboard to appear. You can also use the Dock to work with Dashboard. Click or tap the Dashboard icon in the Dock to go directly to the Dashboard.