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You may be able to speed this up slightly by using the CURL download method, which will fetch multiple, smaller, files then combine them into one large archive. To do this, click on the "Grab them all with URL" link and follow the directions. Once you've downloaded the zip archive file, double-click on it to unarchive.

You should end up with a. If the resulting file is yet another archive format, your downloaded zip file may have been corrupted due to data loss.


Try downloading again. Double-click on the. In the "Appliance Settings" window that appears, confirm that these are the settings that you want to use.

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Just remember that when the virtual machine is running, that amount RAM will be unavailable to your Mac. Click "Import". This process may take several minutes to complete. Although it is now safe to delete the. The Windows OS builds are limited to a day trial period before they expire and cease to work. Keeping the.

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Choose your new virtual machine in the sidebar and click on the "Start" button to launch it and wait for it to boot. Additionally, more and more successful consumer products are gaining market share from the Surface Pro to Windows phones, which makes it vital to test your work on IE. The good news is that Microsoft offers a simpler solution through the power of its cloud ecosystem: How does RemoteIE work?

You can then test your website in IE to make sure it's ready for the masses. Go ahead, take a deep breath and follow this list of steps to get started: Select RemoteIE from the tools menu. Follow the prompt to sign in with your Microsoft account.

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Follow the prompt to enter your location. Once installed, open Microsoft Remote desktop and then select the RemoteApp option from the toolbar. Sign in using your Microsoft account. Select Internet Explorer from the RemoteApp list within the Microsoft Remote desktop app and you should be ready to run Internet Explorer on your machine. Now what? Once IE is up and running it behaves like a native Mac OS X app, from which you can even drag individual tabs to create new windows.

The complexity of a virtual machine running Windows behind the scenes in the Microsoft cloud is all invisible, thanks to the clever Microsoft RemoteApp only exposing IE. Oh, and get this: Microsoft RemoteApp Internet Explorer is free.

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RemoteIE as a service is currently available as a preview. With something like BrowserStack, this sort of quick testing is actually much easier than when we used to faff around with local VMs. I've used both Browserstack and VirtualBox. VirtualBox works well but comes with a bit of set up time and space on your hard drive. Browserstack comes with cost but is much quicker to get rolling.

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I'm not sure of any other realistic options other than having a auxilary Windows -based machine. I can reboot and go into windows 10 to test but rarely do. It's tiny, portable, and just the right amount of slow! I'm currently using crossbrowsertesting.

How to run Internet Explorer on a Mac

You can also test your locally hosted web applications for cross-browser compatibility on various IE for Mac. Maybe this will be of help: Designer News is a large, global community of people working or interested in design and technology. Get in touch. I need help. Log in.